Who is this dude? What is he up to?

It's Nico. He is 18 years old and currently studying computer science at a Federal Technical Secondary College in Austria.

Ok, that's enough of speaking of myself in the third person.

So I live in Austria (no kangaroos) in a nice little town about an one-hour drive away from our beautiful capital Vienna. I haven't yet finished school but it won't take that much longer (I hope).

I love coding and tech in general. My favourite programming languages are Python and JavaScript. I regularly do small projects, which are web-based most of the time, for myself or my friends in addition to payed work for some clients.

I’m also a member of a robotics team called robot0nfire. We participate in a competition called Botball.

Another big thing in my life is music. I love listening to music, I love making music, I just love music. It’s as simple as that. My main instrument is the guitar, which I learned to play at the age of 7, but I also play the piano. My preferred genres are all kinds of Metal and Rock. I especially enjoy listening to bands such as Periphery, After the Burial, Northlane and Lausch.

In my spare time I love to climb things, especially rocks. I love the feeling when you're up 30 meters (about 100' for all non-metric people). The only thing that's in your head is the way to the next hold.